my all-time favorite days of any given year are as follows: 
1. december 25th
2. black friday
3. thanksgiving
4-18. the days included in the nordstrom anniversary sale
19. the first day of fall semester
20. textbook sell back day

textbook sell back day produces some of the happiest moments i've ever experienced. 
not familiar with the cycle? follow me. 

at the beginning of the school year, one spends approximately $300-400 on books.  those numbers are coming from my own personal experiences. however, once the official last day of school has passed, one can take those same books from the semester and the bookstore will buy them back. yes, you read correctly. BUY THEM BACK! 

and before you know it, this...

 turns into this...

 photo courtesy of lauren harris
which turns into this...

pink skinnys and a new dress in exchange for my old p.e. book?
i'll take it!
i love textbook sell back day.


  1. our textbook buy back sucks! i got $1 for a $150 math book i had to buy twice! it was horrible haha

  2. Do you even know how much I laughed at this post? You kill me with your Nordstrom obsession!