got iphone?

we do.
we love love love our iphones!
so naturally, we want them to be protected at all times.
and in all things. and in all places.
i about have a heart attack every time i drop mine.
(and by "every time," i mean both times)

getting to the point.
my awesome aunt cindy told me about this website from which she ordered super cheap iphone cases. they start at like 80 cents. i had to check it out for myself. there are a lot of weird cases. like anime jap cases. but it's just like forever 21... you have to search, but eventually you'll find cute stuff.

and who doesn't love forever 21?

anyway. we ended up buying like six cases.
(five for me and one for scotty)
and tons of screen covers. cant have too many of those, right?

the website seemed pretty sketchy. and it took like 15 days to get here.
but i guess the free shipping made up for it.

here is my personal favorite:

 scotty says it looks like a grandma case.
whatever. im obsessed!
go, my friends! visit www.focalprice.com today!

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