butt-crack of dawn

Thomas Jefferson said, "Teaching is a moral endeavor."

if you think about it... it really, really is.
because both parties are not equal.
the teacher has significant authority over the students.

we are taught to be so careful in what we say, dress, and teach.  there are so many rules and guidelines to follow.  not only are we representing the principal, we are representing the school, school district, and even the name of public school in general. we have [almost] total control of what goes on inside of our classrooms.

so why wasn't my teacher thinking of this when he planned our final exam at
7:00 AM 
on a freaking SATURDAY???
i drove 40 minutes to take a 15-minute final exam.

i got back around 8... 
too late to go back to sleep but too early to take a nap.
i don't know what to do with myself after this moral injustice. 
happy saturday. 


  1. this picture made tony laugh. i miss your face. i want to double date you. :)

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