you've got to be kidding me.

am i being punked?
is this some kind of sick joke?
please tell me it's true!
i am in a state of disbelief and pain.

for 11 months out of the year, i sit and wait oh-so-patiently for my favorite favorite favorite favorite easter candy to arrive in local grocery and convenience stores.

remember last year when i professed my undying love for the easter sweetarts?

usually i spot them within hours of being put out on the shelves, buy a bag or two, and return when i need more. it's as simple as that. this year, i waited... waited... searched... tried different locations... and was disappointed with every target, smith's, maceys, winco, [need i go on?] that i stepped foot in.

for all i saw was this:

a mediocre and incomplete arrangement of sweetart selections.

i searched high and low for some sort of explanation.  how can these things just be done with no public opinions taken into consideration? after hours of googling, this is the only thing i found:


is it too much to say i am heartbroken?

they have now altered my flawless favorite candy in too many disappointing ways.
the most drastic changes are apparent in facade as well as taste.

as you can see, there is a perfect color combination. only the best flavors. bite-sized, but more so on the larger side. perfect for one in the mouth at a time (makes the bag last longer). crunchy, but still soft on the inside. classic. lovable. 


the manufacturers probably pressed the wrong button that allowed the orange flavor to enter the mix. "hey, here's an idea. let's take the most revolting flavor and add it to the best easter candy of all time!" not likely. it had to have been a mistake. the new size is too small to know what to do with. putting one in the mouth is not enough, while putting two or three in the mouth can get a little overwhelming. too small to have any type of middle or center. one crunch and it's gone. 

... excuse me while i go into depression.
you can be assured that nestle and wonka will be hearing from me.

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