scruff appreciation day

my brain has been conditioned to make me quite apprehensive when i see scruff.
i'm serious.

i can blame the anxiety i get on two different situations that i encounter on a weekly basis: 
1. i work in an office on byu's campus, and i can't help a male customer unless he is clean-shaven. part of the honor code. i have to muster up my courage and say, "everything we need from your supervisor is here, but before we start any paper work we need you to be clean shaven to be in compliance with the honor code" and then brace myself for the evil glares and annoyed comments. 
2. when scotty has scruff i don't let him kiss me, as it can get quite painful. i hate it. it's like someone shoving needles into my chin. i feel like my face is going to start bleeding. 

scruff = bad

on sunday, scotty had a lot of scruff.
probably like three days worth.
and then i stole a baby. 

i'm sitting there in sacrament meeting, minding my own business, when the cutest little head i've ever seen pops up from behind the bench in front of me. i stood firm in my anti-baby mindset, smiled at her and then looked away. no. no babies for me. but then she kept smiling at me and flashing those huge precious eyes and every maternal bone in my body was tingling. 

i snatched her. i just picked her up and stole her. we played with books, i bounced her on my lap, and she even snuggled with me. funny how a small act of larceny turned out to be the highlight of my day.

and um... have you seen anything cuter than these tights? 

the answer is no. 
but if you were wondering if this unknown baby and scruff have anything in common, the answer is yes. 

she started getting fussy so, naturally, i passed her to scotty. 
and to my surprise, he started rubbing his scruff all over her. 

he rubbed his scruff on her cheeks, her forehead, her chin.
the baby and i were both dying.

she loved it. 
she could not stop giggling and smiling. 
and oh my gosh, my heart was melting.

then all the laughing and squealing made her sleepy, so she curled up with my sweet husband and they cuddled while i sat next to them in total envy.

i'm glad we finally found someone to appreciate scotty's scruff.
we plan on sitting behind her every week for the rest of our time in the ward.


  1. She's darling!! I even got a little jealous that Scotty got to cuddle her and it wasn't me! What a cutie.

  2. adorable. You 2 will be such cute parents. and I have such a love-hate relationship with scruff. You're right..it hurts like crazy when kissing but is oh so sexy on the husband. I just have Nick switch off.