conference wrap up

i love listening to general conference every six months.
however, the brethren's voices are so soft and soothing that i need some sort of activity to keep me awake and alert. but it can't be anything too intense or i won't pay attention.

what conference activities did you do this weekend?
scotty and i got a lot accomplished.

we dusted every inch of the living room.
(parents are coming this week)

we took my extensions out!


i painted my nails and toenails.

played a hardcore version of "i spy" looking for elder archuleta in the missionary choir... scotty spotted him first.

we made a delicious chicken fried rice dinner.
recipe unknown because we didn't save the link!

and between saturday/sunday, we watched mean girls, breaking dawn, and real steel.
all three were great movies.

especially real steel... seriously. i cried.

we watched our FAVORITE show right now (since grey's is being a d-bag and not fulfilling our craving for new episodes) ONCE UPON A TIME.
ohhhh my gosh it's good. it's real good.
usually i hate mystery shows. not this one.
maybe because it involves fairy tale characters & princesses.

here is the link. get started.

we cracked a bunch of hilarious/idiotic april fools jokes to each other.
"scotty i'm never making dinner again. seriously. you're on your own." ... APRIL FOOLS.
"ashley do you want me to rub your feet?" "yes!!!" "APRIL FOOLS!"
"did you know i used to be left handed?" april fools.
he even texted his mom and said we were prego... real original haha.
luckily that stupid day won't come again for a whole year!

my favorite talk / the one that stuck out to me the most from the whole weekend was by Elder Donald L.  Hallstrom. (yes, we watched the saturday sessions. be proud.) he talked about the difference between being "active in the church" and "active in the gospel."  really great talk. it reminded me of a favorite quote of mine... "sitting in church doesn't make you a christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car."

i think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the church that we miss out on the gospel.
when all is said and done, it won't matter what amazing quilt you made in achievement days or how successful you are at baking funeral potatoes, or even how elaborate your relief society lesson was displayed. all that matters is that we try our hardest to keep the commandments, encourage others to, and repent when we mess up. we need to go to the temple, pray, and serve others.

all in all i'd say it was a great weekend. we loved lounging around in our PJs and relaxing for two whole days. now it's time to buckle up and get ready for finals! 2 weeks left in the semester.

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  1. i bet scotty was so excited to take your extensions out haha and that patch of hair looked nasty hahaha