i hate mondays.
they kill me.
there's just something so horrible and painful about waking up on a monday morning and thinking about all of the stressful, time-consuming things you did last week and remembering all of the hours at work, papers for school, essays, reflections, lessons, sitting in lectures, and realizing you have to do them all over again for the next five days.
last monday was different, though.

it STARTED OUT usual:

snow. freezing. depressed. sleepy. sad.

but then i was like:

okay okay. not so bad. take my coat off. snow is pretty. (kind of)

and THEN i was like:

 yay yay YAAAY! cousin kelsie is in provo! we met up and her brother christopher treated us to lunch via his meal plan. he is quite the gentleman.

we thought it would end there.
but no!

she and her friend came over to our apt and we had a beautiful double date of wingers and wii games. as far as mondays go, it was pretty spectacular. i love my cousins!


  1. you & your cousin are such pretty girls!

  2. I totally feel ya on the whole Monday situation! I hope you are currently enjoying your weekend! Glad you were able to spend some time with your cousin! :]