deal of the day

im sure many of you have been drooling over the newer crocheted toms just as much as i have...

so cute, right?
i am in love. i thought long and hard about which color i wanted.
they are just all SO adorable.

last weekend our cruise friends were in town, so emily and i had a shopping date planned.

i made up my mind that i was marching right into nordstrom, and buying the first pair of these i saw. i just couldn't take it anymore; i had to have them.

we parked in front of H&M so we went there first.
i was happily shopping along, antsy about purchasing my new toms in nordstrom, when WHAT-

right there in front of us sat H&M's replica of these cuuuuuuuuuute cute shoes.
i was fully prepared to pay the (well-worth) $57 at nordys. but WHAT!?
the same exact thing (minus the toms stamp of approval on the back)
for a whopping $14. 

 holla! i even decided that they are cuter than the actual toms because they are lined the whole way through.  the toms looked a little weird because half of it was see through.

hope that made sense.

 regardless, i am ecstatic about my new purchase.

and... if you're into target (who isn't?) i saw them there too.

definitely not as cute, and definitely not as many color options. but still.
go forth, my friends.
and buy the crocheted shoes!