if you follow me on instagram, you know exactly what this whole "feb photo a day" business is. for a whole month straight, i took the internet world's challenge to post a picture every day in the month of february, following these guidelines: 

and for those of you who don't follow me on instagram... rude. but for those of you who don't have instagram, i would love to recap my entire month of february for you. one picture a day can tell a lot!

day 1: your view today
it happened to be a wednesday, which i spent from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm at school. hoo-rah. this was the only thing i saw for 13.5 hours straight.

day 2: words
these words cracked me up. sorry mitchell, i had to.

day 3: hands
happy hands holding big buffalo wild wings.  how's that for alliteration?

day 4: a stranger
a kind, kind stranger who happens to work at sonic.
and he's even bringing me a route 44 dr. pepper!

day 5: 10 am
10:00 am... no motivation. too clean and too warm.

day 6: dinner
this is the aftermath of dinner. we loved having kami & adam over!

day 7: button
a favorite button of mine. do i see a reoccurring sonic theme going on here?

day 8: sun
we got this little sun in mexico on our honeymoon.  scotty pointed to it the morning i took this picture and said "see that? see that sun? celestial kingdom. gotta keep our eyes on the prize!" i love that man haha.

day 9: front door 
our precious little front door. 

day 10: self-portrait 
"no time for a self portrait. i have a date with dr. grey and dr. shepherd." 
grey's anatomy is my latest addiction. 

day 11: makes you happy
mall shopping and italian sodas from nordstrom with my husband make me happy. 

day 12: inside your closet
..... no.

day 13: blue

day 14: heart
a heart-covered present for my valentine!
day 15: phone
this was the background on my phone that day. i love my fab five.
p.s. how are you supposed to take a picture of your phone on your phone? this was the best i could do.

day 16: something new
these sour lip gummies are my NEW favorite candy!

day 17: time
i said "i've been parking in visitor parking almost everyday for three months and this is the first TIME i've gotten a ticket!"
dumb. just give me a faculty parking pass puuuullllleeeease

day 18: drink
my 9th cup of water at the delicious pf changs with the family.
such good food!
and such good company :)

day 19: something you hate to do
i HATE losing by 10 coins!!! mario party with scotty, mitchell and tanner. mitchell won with 3 stars and 61 coins, i came in second with 3 stars and 51 coins. un.be.lievable. 

day 20: something you ate
i forgot to post this one on instagram... but i took a picture of the little that remained of our chips and salsa at chili's. mmmm. never gets old.

day 21: a fave photo of you
i love this picture. i love my hair and my brother.

day 22: where you work

day 23: your shoes
i took this like a month ago haha... but nonetheless, it is still an instagram photo of my shoes. i love these babies.

day 24: inside your bathroom closet
uhh... no. 

day 25: green

day 26: night
scotty and i are trying really hard to floss every night

day 27: something you ate
i woke up to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls from my dear husband. he obviously knows the way to my heart.

day 28: money
couldn't take a picture because i don't have any.

day 29: something you're listening to
I LOVE THIS SONG! so good. this is totally my jam right now.

so there you have it. if my frequent blog posts and facebook updates weren't enough stalking material for you, you owe me a "thank you."


  1. I am so offended that you did not include a picture of your work... I thought that was your favorite thing about every day. ;)

  2. day 28: money
    couldn't take a picture because i don't have any.

    This made me laugh :)

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