show & tell

i'm trying not to be one of those obnoxious ladies with one of those obnoxious blogs where every other post is like o-m-g look what i did, i made this, i made this, and i made this! i am so crafty, i am so awesome, i am a culinary genius blah blah blah. get over yourself.

but seriously... look what i did, i am so crafty!
i crack myself up.

disclaimer: living as a married woman in utah has not turned me into some weird, homemaking, craft-loving, baking, cleaning-loving, molly mormon freak. it's just that when your husband works the night shift from thursday to sunday, and you've already spent the weekend dusting every inch of the apartment, deep conditioning your hair, vacuuming, doing the dishes, standing in the shower contemplating life's mysteries, making your own homemade eye-makeup remover, refilling the brita pitcher over and over again, painting your nails, pre-ordering mothers day presents for your mother and mother-in-law, watching "what happens in vegas" for the 4th time this month, honoring your vow to never touch a piece of homework on the weekend, and tending to my 18 components in "draw something"... you just need some different options. 

i turn to pinterest to add some spice into my weekends.
i saw THESE pictures on pinterest months and months ago and i fell in love:

greatest idea ever, right? i think it's just adorable. great concept.
and since our mail is sloppily thrown into this basket...

i thought i would give it a try.
luckily i have some pretty tight connections with sunburst shutters, and was able to have first-hand pick on the graveyard shutters. all of my support and volunteer work with the company over the past 10 years has finally paid off.

i took off the unnecessary crap

and hit up home depot alone for the first time in my life. it was great. 40 minutes, 2 phone calls, and 3 workers later i was out the door with two cans of spray paint.


i had also found this cute blog post on pinterest. LOVE IT! all of my measuring cups and spoons were in a fabric bin exactly like my mail was. what a shame.  

so my man bought me a wooden board and i was set. (i was not about to venture into home depot again.) i spray painted my two precious pieces... along with a few other random things i could get my hands on. i guess i underestimated the addictiveness of spray paint. seriously, watch out. 

viola. what better color than red to have as an accent in our home? not because of the rebels [most definitely not], but because of the fiery burning love and passion in our home. 

this is the final product of the shutter: 

love it! i'm just having trouble making the cards stay in the slots... multiple attempts on that. 

and with lots of help from my macho husband, 

perfectly organized measuring cups. and if you're wondering why there are so many different sizes, click here to be amazed. i absolutely LOVE my odd-sized measuring cups and spoons haha! genius. just genius. 1 1/2 cup? no problem. 

now excuse me while i go rearrange my closet, drink a glass of milk and french vanilla coffee mate, organize my shoes by color, and tweeze my eyebrows. 


  1. I've seen a couple of these ideas on pinterest and have always loved them! You did great :)

  2. good job honey! Just for future spray painting events, please put more newspaper or cardboard around your project! you will turn your carpet red! it sprays out far! and never do it inside again, Always outside.

    I am impressed!

  3. teach me how to be a crafty wife.....

  4. red is not red. or rebel red. red is Xram Red. It's our very own craola crayon color.

  5. Very impressive. I'm pathetic when it comes to crafts...you inspire me.