emotionally torn

this post represents a mental battle going on inside of me. 
the problem is, i thought i loved one thing... but then something new came into my life. 


if you're from vegas, you know exactly how big of a deal buffalo wild wings is. it's like the cool spot to hang out. hungry? let's go to bdubs. mutual activity fell through? bdubs. everyone loves it. some of my most special memories take place there. 

it's fun, delicious, and has so much sentimental value to me. one of mine and scotty's first dates was a dinner at buffalo wild wings. i consider it to be one of my happy places.

so naturally, when i heard one was opening in lehi, i could not shut up about it. i told everyone! friends, family, coworkers, customers at work, teachers, and even random people in classes. i was so excited. we went the first week it opened, and my craving was fulfilled. i was so happy.
THEN, to my astonishment one of my coworkers said "i went to buffalo wild wings over the weekend... it was okay, but not as good as wingers." ew. how dare she?! bww is the greatest thing that's been built in utah county! so it became an office debate. for literally WEEKS she has been harassing me (in a nice way) to go to wingers and compare the wings. i figured she was just a utard and didn't know any better. she begged, bribed, and eventually paid me to go to wingers. haha!

i walked in with a bad attitude. i already had my mind made up of which one was better before we even parked the car. i sat down in the outdated, ugly, clashing-colored, weird-smelling restaurant, and rolled my eyes when they brought out popcorn as the complimentary appetizer. i hate popcorn. 
however... my eyes stopped rolling when these beauties were plopped down in front of me! i took my first bite and felt my bww pride slowly disintegrating. i'm thinking, maybe wingers isn't so bad. yeah, these wings are okaaayyy. i take a second bite.  actually they are really good. okay, these wings are great! i think they are better than bww's but i dont want to admit it outloud! and then scotty said to me... "um these might be better than b-dubs..."

faces in pure shock and disbelief
we devoured every single bit of those wings and cheese fries.
(just not the celery. we don't do vegetables)

my conclusion to this culinary controversy is not simple. 
i had to analyze everything. 

while you wait: wingers brings out popcorn. gag. i would rather have the nothing that bww provides. 
cheese fries: wingers is better. bww is too potato-y.
sauce: wasn't super impressed with the "amazing original" at wingers, but the teriaki was great... still, not as great as "asian zing" at bww. however, i anticipate trying other sauces at wingers now that my heart has been opened. 
wing size: WINGERS! they are at least 3x bigger than bww! i was so pleasantly surprised. 
wing texture: wingers. sometimes i get a wing at bww that is way too crunchy. and sometimes there is just not enough meat in the little baby wing.  
environment: definitely bww. bww is geared toward a younger, new, and hip demographic. wingers felt old and outdated. bww is definitely a more fun experience. 
dippings: although they are very similar, i think bww has a thicker ranch/bleu cheese combo. creamier. both are tasty. 
price: WINGERS! we paid $14.99 for the same amount of food that we pay $30 for at bww. we could go to wingers twice for the price of one visit to bww. 
location: there are a crap load of wingers in utah. when i mapped it on my phone, we had 4 different options relatively close to us to choose from. whereas there is ONE bww in LEHI (of all places!) 

overall: it's hard to let go of an old, loved friend. i still love bww, but wingers is clearly the more practical choice. and the wings do not disappoint! i think i have to say that we will be returning to wingers before we return to bww.  thank you, annette!!!


  1. Michael and I went to wingers for the first time a little while ago, and it's SUPER good. And there are a ton of them in Utah, but I get the whole sentimental thing with bww because that's what I was used to before as well. But, wingers is more convenient and less pricey.
    Your blog kinda sorta showed up on my news feed on facebook, so I will now be 'stalking' you via blogspot... haha

  2. oh no! really?? i guess me and tony will have to go do the same thing. that depresses me......

  3. haha this was super enjoyable to read. I spent the summer in Vegas last year and BWW was my new-found love. I had grown up with Wingers. I prefer BWWs on Tuesdays or Thursdays for the awesome discount :) BUT I understand the dilemma. you, my friend, are hilarious.

  4. Love! Um...you, me, our boys, and Wingers?

  5. but do they have the great blue cheese burger? The salad options? I remain a sceptic.

  6. ive been wanting to go to wingers for forever!! they have one in rexburg and if its anything like buffalo wild wings then...well, i will be one happy camper!

  7. Oh Ashley...you've let Utah get to you. Nick and I went to Wingers when we lived there and we were not impressed. The wings were too..umm..bready? I don't know and the sauce was not great. I have to say they have really good burgers though. What you need to do is go to North Carolina for some quality wings...your life will be changed forever.