dream life

being married gives you a whole new outlook on life.
you start to care about things you didn't know you cared about.
you feel unwanted pressures of maturity and responsibility.
you connect to things you never fully understood.

for example:  it really IS hard to live without parents and to fund all of the essential amenities of life! 

we are blessed with random allotments of money through grants, birthdays, extra wedding money, christmas, etc. but it feels like moments after i deposit them into the bank, we find somewhere they need to go. POOF. just like that, gone.

we think about being rich a lot.
yeah, yeah, whatever. call me shallow. you know you think about it too.
i just dream of a day when we're not spending 110% of what we're making.
... we literally have nothing else we can cut down on in our budget.
we don't even have cable anymore.
i wouldn't exactly choose financial instability if i had a choice.
scotty and i are both trying to be better savers.
we sucked pre-married life.
but we both have big dreams for our future.

so in order to be fully prepared, i have compiled a list of all the things i will do when i am an old, wealthy woman.

1. i will start a very strict scholarship fund that only supports (100%) caucasian, middle-class females who don't play any sports or instruments, and have GPAs between a 3.0 and 3.5.

2. i will buy my sweet parents something big like a house, car, computers, etc. to return a small contribution of what they have done for me

3. i will install dyson airblades in every bathroom of our estate, simply because they make me giggle upon using.

4. i will spend endless amounts of money on new dresses to look professional standing next to my hot business man husband. and isn't it so inconvenient that the modest ones are always way more expensive? it won't phase me.  

5. i will tip a waitress/waiter more than she or he deserves because i know it will make their night. i won't feel guilty not leaving enough because of not having enough to spare. 

6. i will march right into OC Tanner and pay for this $90,000 opal ring like it's just any other purchase.

7. i will get all of mine and scotty's clothes dry cleaned so i will stop ruining/shrinking/damaging them.

8. i will stop crying every time i get a parking citation because, come on, $30? that's pocket change.

9. i will donate immense amounts of money to BYU, and in return i will expect floor seating at all basketball games and at devotionals of my choice. 

10. i will give my adorable husband plane tickets to brazil for his birthday instead of a sweater and a card, and we will have carefree, relaxing, quality time spent together rather than seeing him every other morning because of conflicting work/school schedules. 

i imagine we'll be able to adjust quite smoothly. 

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