out of the mouth of babes

scotty and i teach the valiant a class in primary.
it is pretty much the highlight of my week!
they are so fun. sometimes i sit there with tears streaming down my face because i am laughing so hard. and since i am such a generous person, i thought i would share some of their hilariousness with you.

so lehi had this dream. In his dream, this is what he saw:

does anyone know what it is? 3 kids at once: IT'S A WATER SLIDE!!! no... it's the iron rod. the iron rod led up to the tree of life. the tree had the most delicious fruit anyone could ever imagine! what's the best thing you've ever eaten? shell noodles with a creamy, white, cheesy mac and cheese sauce. oh man. well, this fruit was ten times better than that! uh that's seriously not possible.

so lehi is at the tree -scotty draws lehi by the tree- he's probably wearing some robes and a turban. you know what a turban is? oh like what the sultan wears on aladdin! don't forget the diamond and the little feather coming out of the top!!!

next to the tree there's a building. the scriptures say the people in the building were wearing "exceedingly fine clothing" ... what do you think that means? what do you picture them wearing? oh probably just some skinny jeans and a nice tee...

the iron rod represents the word of god. god?? isn't that dog spelled backwards?!?!? uh yeah... but it's also god spelled forward.

in the meantime, i'm sitting next to a kid who is borrowing my old scriptures. sister marx, why is there so much pink in here? it's my favorite color! i used it to highlight every time the scriptures mentioned jesus. oh. i would have highlighted in black.

the fruit represents eternal life. eternal life means that we get to live with heavenly father and jesus for all eternity. so basically we're gonna turn into zombies?

out of nowhere in the middle of the lesson hey sister marx, how did you get that hole in your chin???

then, after traveling in the wilderness for such a long time they finally reached a beautiful place. they called it bountiful because it was so pretty and it had all kinds of fruits and plants. oh yeah, i've been to bountiful.
then heavenly father told nephi that he had to build a boat. can you imagine building a boat? none of you have ever built a boat before, right? well i made a pinewood derby one time. haha yeah, not quite the same thing. but it won first place!

let's draw pictures of what kind of tools you think nephi would make to build this boat. wow katelyn, your picture is so good! you are such a great drawer! well sometimes, but there are some things that i can't draw. like an elephant sitting down is really hard.
(prayer at the end of class) we're thankful for coming to class today, i say these things in the name of jesus christ amen. WHAT?! i'm not thankful for coming to class today!!!!

even though they're not always excited about coming to class, we are. we love them!


  1. haha I love it! Nick and I teach the 5-6 year olds and we just silently crack up the whole time too and I have "notes" saved in my phone of the hilarious/random things they say.

    1. you should make them into a post haha!! they say the funniest things.

  2. this is the funniest thing ever!!!!