senioritis struck too soon

i don't know what's gotten into me lately. 
since the second after i got married, i've had some really strong, reoccurring thoughts in my head. 
they are as follows: 

time for a baby. 
that would suck to have a baby in school. 
ew i hate babies.
i should drop out of school now. 
i have the cutest husband.
why am i going to school now that i'm married? 
what the crap am i going to make for dinner? 
i should totally drop out of school.
why can't i just quit my job and cater to my sweet husband every day?
school is the biggest joke of my life. 
i should get a bob. chop all my hair off. get the "mom look" started.

... so about school... it's not really fun anymore. 
totally over it.
i'm that d-bag who shows up late, in sweatpants, with a route-44 dr pepper in hand, sits in the back row of class not paying attention until the iclicker participation quiz pops up, sports an asian bun, and is distracted the whole time thinking about how my car is parked in a faculty parking lot because i didn't want to walk from the freaking marriot center. 

i thought this semester was going to be great. first semester in the program- finally doing what i've spent 2 years in school preparing for. now i go to sleep at night haunted by things my teachers say like "teaching elementary school is the hardest profession of all", "you'll make about 20 cents per hour at this job", "you will leave the school crying every day of your first year", "your pay might be determined how well your students score in tests- even though it's not your fault they are unmotivated or stupid as crap" (i added that last part), and my favorite: "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS?!" uhh... i thought i was until you asked me like that... 

i found these stupid pictures online. no idea who the guy is. 
they are titled "lazy senior" haha. 
they speak my every thought. 

the last one is my favorite. i can come up with an excuse for anything haha. 
i'm hoping that this is just a weird rebellious phase i'm going through... 

i keep telling myself i need to step foot in a classroom again to remember why i chose el ed in the first place. i love it! i really do. and i knew it would be a hard, extremely challenging, time consuming occupation. but it's what i've wanted to do my whole life. i can communicate with 10 year olds better than i can with people my own age. so why am i just NOT motivated right now???

i'll keep you posted. 


  1. AMEN!!!!! i seriously feel the exact same way!!! you are not alone. i just want to drop out and work while tony finishes school. we could just be best friends/neighbors and be stay at home moms and our kids can have play dates every day. sounds good??

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! I was laughing out loud!! LOL!! This is the best post ever! I feel the same way! Let's drop out of school and spend our time eating good food/laying in the sun! I think Alisse and I have this conversation every day. We could make more money with Alisse's cooking skills than going to college. :)

    Can you visit us soon?? Please?? We miss you so much! :)

  3. This is Alisse. I freaking love you. You are hilarious. Let's party soon.

  4. Please don't quit school. Waste all the money and hard work you've already endured. If anything, strive to be a stay-at-home-mom enjoying play dates with a bachelor's degree. Even if you never step foot into a classroom, you have a piece of paper to rely on if heaven forbid something happens to that handsome husband of yours and you need to provide for those future cute munchkins. :) You'll regret it if you do, and trust me it's harder going back (and paying for it) the longer you are married and more kids you do have. Thank heavens this is my last year!

  5. Listen to your sister in law!!!!!!!!! Stay in school!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm embarrassed because I know I've used every single one of those lame excuses. whoops.

  7. My favorite was the "Challange Accepted" one. You didn't sell your wedding dress to pay for groceries, so I'm confident you will finish school as well. But this was halarious.

  8. your hysterical. I freakin adore you and i love reading this ish. Granted im not in school, but our minds think alike. Ily. Thanks for always making me laugh. <3

  9. I just died of laughter!!! I feel the SAME way. Especially the way you dress to class...hahahaha When someone sees me looking like a decent human being they are like, whoa!! lol. We can push through one more year of school, then babies! YAY! I want them too, we have a waiting plan...but I doubt we will make it.haha. Keep going girl!

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