calling all wives!!!

i have a question.
actually, a few questions.

so... i have this box in my room.

it's really big.
and it's holding this:
my beautiful beautiful beautiful wedding dress!
i mean, look how lovely it is
this is the look i was going for haha...

nailed it.

anyway, getting to the point.
part of me is like oh my gosh- i could sell it and buy groceries for the next 6 months! it's just taking up space that we don't have. it's not like i'll wear it again. hopefully my daughter won't be as fat as i was, so it's not like i could save it for her. it will probably be super outdated by then anyway.
and then the other part is like but it's my WEDDING DRESS!!!!! it's so special! i love at and it is exactly what i wanted. maybe my daughter will want to look at it. i could make something out of it. it's pretty.

see the problem?
what are your thoughts?
did you save your wedding dress?

if you did, are you glad you did? have you touched it in the last however many years?
if you didn't, do you regret selling it? does it even phase you that it's gone?



  1. I thought about it when I was first married but then I realized there is NO way I could part with it. WAY to sentimental.

  2. You DID look like Belle!! IDK I have thought of the same thing. My moms wedding dress is hung in storage in our basement. It is HORRIBLY ugly(circa 1980's ewww) , but we are cutting a piece to wrap around my bouquet for my wedding day. I gotta be honest...that sure makes it feel special. Keep!

  3. I kept mine as well! its in a box just like yours and its in our garage taking up space! but I could not part with it! Too much money into it and i had it personally made for me! i would keep it! Your girls can play dress up in it someday!!!

  4. I know people who've sold theirs if they needed the money, but I'm a fan of keeping it for sentimental use if at all possible.

  5. keep keep keep. I totally get what you're saying about selling it but I think you might regret it someday. It's too pretty and special to sell. :)

  6. I'm not married, I don't have a dress, but I know that people here in Laie don't get married because they can't get a modest dress. There is nothing close, some kids ship it from the mainland and that's a hassle. I have a friend who has decided to rent her dress to byuh students who can't find a dress. I know Provo doesn't have that problem...at all, but you're not going to live there forever. I don't know how you'd feel about others wearing your dress; (you would need to trust them to take care of it, they would need to be about your size) but I feel that you would like to see it serve others- and you'll get some of your money back.

  7. OOPS...I just replied under Ally's name. Sorry about that.
    OK, I say just keep it!! You can make a blessing dress for your daughter someday, or let your girls play dress ups in it, or let someone who really needs it borrow it, etc.
    If you sell it, the money will be gone all to soon and the groceries eaten.
    I'm all about making memories!!

  8. (from a blog stalker, hopefully you don't mind!)
    I would sell it. I rented mine and have been 100% glad not to have to deal with it and make that decision. It was perfect on the day, and it is still a perfect memory. Is it worth dragging around the rest of your life when you will never wear it again? You probably have hundreds of pictures to remember the happy memories of how perfect it was. And just a PS, you are not fat.

  9. For sure keep it! I Think Danielle, above, would feel differently if she had her own dress. The hours looking at dresses...the hunt...the search...the money...the dreams...the alterations!!!!! That is worth a lot more than groceries for 6 months!

    I would love to pull out my dress on my 5th, 10th anniversary and see if it still fits! And I wish my mom had her dress for me to play dress ups in. I could never part with my dress. & I don't think you could either! I would totally let someone borrow my dress though!

  10. Because I look at your mom's blog......I still have mine. Would never part with it. 11 years of marriage. 4 children - 2 daughters, who love to look at mommy's princess dress. My grandma told me to wrap it in light blue tissue paper and it wouldn't turn yellow. Still perfectly white. My sister rented hers and still regrets not having her wedding dress for keeps.

  11. I still have mine! But, I've got a little sister who might want to wear it... (and it's stored in my parents house so Michael and I don't have to drag it everywhere). Also, I've thought about making baby blessing outfits out of it. (One boy one, one girl one) for my kids to wear.
    I'll be saving mine, even though sometimes it is a very tempting thought to sell it because, let's face it, every newly wed couple could use the money.
    My sister-in-law sold hers, and she doesn't regret it, but she misses it. I think a lot really depends on the person's personality. I won't be able to part with my dress unless I know where it will be (like if it was made into baby blessing clothes) or used by one of my daughters (not likely... but who knows? Maybe I'll have a girl that wants it?).
    Anyway, I won't be parting with mine, and I know my older sister still has hers as well and wouldn't sell it.