an acronym i just made up for our new favorite game.

so much better than its cousin (the strategy-demanding, brain-hurting, boring, 35-day-long game) "words with friends"
if you dont have it- download it.
if you dont have a smart phone to download it onto- buy one.
if you don't have money to buy a smartphone- figure it out.
if you can't figure it out- rob a freaking bank or something.

okay it's not that great. but it is really fun.

we've had it for a whopping 2 days and we're hooked. i close my eyes and see a scramble board.

and i'm not trying to say that scotty and i are addicted... but we may or may not have spent the last hour and a half playing each other on our 6 different games we have going at the same time.

quality marital bonding, right there.

p.s.... speaking of marital... YAAAY!!!

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  1. maybe you should write 10 thank you cards before you play a game... then you would be done real quick!