well friends, it's official. scotty jacob marx and i have been married for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! and might i say, they have been the best three months of my life.  i am the luckiest! scotty and i are so happy. every morning i wake up and am so grateful for this cute husband of mine and all he does for me. 

to celebrate this milestone in our fresh married life, we had a wonderful day spending quality time together. our friends jen and tony came over for a lunch and H&M date, which did not disappoint. we had fun helping them pick out their engagement picture outfits (can't wait to see how they turn out!) and even splurged on an italian soda at nordstrom. 

tony and jen went home, and since scotty didn't have to work tonight we had the whole night to ourselves! a blank canvas to fill! now, you should know that i'm not a big movie-goer. in fact, i would even go as far as to say that i don't really like going to movies. i willingly see a movie maybe just a few times a year- only if it's something i'm really into. i don't just go see one "for fun" haha. BUT, i have been looking forward to seeing the vow ever since i saw the trailer for it! it looked SO cute and SO good. i have been antsy waiting for it to come to theaters! 

scotty and i had originally planned to see it next week for v-day, but tonight i decided i just couldn't take the suspense any longer. i wanted the heart-throbbing, butterfly-giving, tear-jerking movie that i have been looking forward to for oh so long! i went into the movie already deciding that i loved it. and with rachel mcadams & channing tatum involved, i knew nothing could go wrong.

i was WRONG! everything was SO WRONG! wrong wrong wrong!!! i feel like i have been lied to! the trailer depicts an adorable love story with passion, dedication, and hope of a loving husband. the movie was a bunch of fights and awkward story lines and disappointment mixed together with my favorite actress. 

i am so sad. i had such high hopes for this movie! and honestly... at one point i sat there and thought to myself "i am so bored right now. how much longer is this thing?" ... seriously. a months worth of anticipation all for her husband to make ONE ATTEMPT of getting her back and taking her on a date, and then practically give up. so stupid! i'm glad that we got prepaid movie tickets for christmas because i would have been pissed to pay for our own tickets haha. scotty and i could film 2 random hours of our day and it would be a better love story.

i wanted something to make me laugh, cry, warm my heart, and all of those other ridiculous emotional feelings a girl going to a chick flick wants to feel. i sat there with a blank face, chuckled 2 times, and didn't shed one single tear.

if you want more specific details, read my friend's blog here.  she pretty much spoke my mind word for word. however, this date was not a complete waste of my life! it made me appreciate scotty for being willing to see a girly movie with me, and being a good sport the whole entire time. also, on the way home we discussed what we would do if the other person got in a car crash and lost his/her memory. we both would fight every day and not give up like SOME people in SOME retarded movies. 

wait until it comes out on redbox... or just don't see it at all. seriously. 
you won't be missing out on anything. 


  1. happy 3 months of marriage! i'm glad you're loving married life so far :) i'm so glad you agree with me on the vow. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. You are so lucky you didn't waste your money on it. I am seriously kicking myself right now. Ps; I liked what you said about filming 2 hours of our day is probably more romantic than that film. SO TRUE! haha

  2. ahhhh that's what everyone has been saying! so disappointing! i was so looking forward to seeing it! :/ you and your hubby are darling by the way. cute blog! :)