midnight snack

oh pinterest,
sometimes i hate you.
but sometimes i think we are made for each other...
and sometimes i feel the hatred and love for you at the same exact time.

a few nights ago i experienced one of those times.

i am trying to stop eating sweets! i think about it constantly.
i need to stop i need to stop i need to stop.

but then i found this blog post via pinterest.

look at it right now.
genius. absolute genius.

because really, i can't say it better than she did:
"haven't you always wished you could make just enough dessert for yourself? or yourself and one other person?"

making a batch of cookies growing up wasn't a big deal. in fact, sometimes we would double the batch. we always had friends, tanner, parents, tanner, relatives, and even tanner to eat the excess cookies.

but now it's just me and scotty. no friends. no family. no one. we make a batch of cookies and the outcome is one of two options:
1. we eat them all because we know no one else will, and feel sick for a week
2. they sit on the top of the fridge for two weeks and then turn hard as rocks

we've never actually experienced option two, but i realize that it is a definite possibility.

so when i found this "cupcake for two" recipe i got real excited.

the outcome is just two cupcakes! exactly what we need!

seriously... so excited. and they were so yummy!
i mean, not the best cupcake i've ever had, but that's only because i am friends with lauren harris.
so i whipped up our two little cupcakes and we scarfed them down.
and that was that! no temptation to eat more.
no nausea or other bloated feelings.

we just ate them.

one of us was a little messier than the other...

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  1. best picture of scotty ever. why haven't you put that up on Facebook???