wife appreciation night

i dont know if i've mentioned scotty's work schedule.
saying it sucks is a hilarious understatement.
however, it helps me stay on top of homework, cleaning, dishes, and provides me with some "me time."

he works a graveyard shift: 6:00 PM to 4:30 AM.
oh, and let's not forget the days. FRIDAY - SUNDAY.
and it's really hard to not complain and whine and beg him to quit.
so every once in a while i end up complaining and whining and begging him to quit.

on occasion, this can turn into wife appreciation night (or day, afternoon, morning).
it's where we get to do whatever i want to do because i say so and it's my night.
because i'm the wife.
and it's wife appreciation night.

so last time we followed this recipe i found on pinterest and made orange julius drinks.

yum yum yum! they would have been divine if someone didn't decide to add an extra splash of vanilla to be funny hahaha...

then we went to the mall.  we conveniently live less than 2 miles away from the nearest mall. it also happens to be the 2nd best mall in utah. (it was the best up until last thursday.)  

my husband is so good to me. 

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