greatest of all time.

i would say that i have a unique taste in music. i don't specifically like one genre or one artist the best. in fact, i could love and hate two songs from the same band. i know every word to every carpenters song. justin beiber speaks to my soul.  I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS. and i cry sometimes during josh groban songs. but i'd rather listen to a fuzzy radio station than the red hot chili peppers.  i will die a life-long avril lavigne fan.  i am insanely irritated by coldplay. the only reason i know any journey songs is because of glee.  i absolutely loath that ridiculous "pumped up kicks" song that everyone else loves. i hate country. i sing michael jackson's "P.Y.T." every single morning while i'm getting ready.  ask scotty. i think it's getting a little out of hand.  i have a secret daughtry obsession. i'm a sucker for classic musicals: les mis, wicked, mamma mia, the sound of music, etc. and yet i love the raunchiest rap and r&b songs.

i want to share with you one of my favorite things. something that i have been obsessed with since the very first day i heard it. and while half of me wants to be the bossy, forceful pusher (like a drug pusher?) and shove it down your ear drums, the other half wants to simply recommend this treasure and encourage you to find out for yourself how truly amazing it is.

are you ready?

three words:

vices and virtues.

that's right, last year's panic at the disco cd.
march 22nd it was released.
we're almost at a year and i still can't stop listening to it.

here is evidence proving that these are the only two albums i have on my phone

and it's been that way for almost four months now.
why? because i needed a christmas album to get through the holidays, and vices & virtues covered everything else.

happy? vices & virtues has a song for that.
sad? vices & virtues has a song for that.
excited? vices & virtues has a song for that.
driving to vegas with jen ballard? vices & virtues has 12 songs for that. repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and we're home.
pissed at the world and everyone who lives on it? vices & virtues has a song for that.

it's not just the vast amount of instruments used and the weird ethnic-feeling rhythms that get me going.
it's the fact that every single song on the album is completely different.
and 200x better than anything they've ever done.
(don't let the cd before this one scare you away).
some of the songs make me feel like i'm at a quinceanera, some like i'm a punk at a skate park, and others like i'm at an orchestra symphony.
it's the sort of bad-ass feeling i get when i listen to them, yet the songs are totally inspiring and appropriate.
it's lyrics like "if i could trade mistakes for sheep, count me away before you sleep" ... seriously?! genius.

so please.
i beg of you.
if you haven't already, please partake of this beautiful album so i am not the only one ranting and raving about it a year later.

first try this one.

now try this. don't feel obligated to watch the video. i'll admit they're an odd bunch.

in a chill-mood? here.

... right??? i know, i know.


  1. I was listening to the old backstreet boys albums just a few days ago haha my poor husband! Josh Groban is one of my favs and I LOVE Panic at the Disco! You have great taste in music :)

  2. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!