gifts galore

this is me a few saturdays ago. fighting back tears after paying for my target purchases with my last target giftcard.
it was heartbreaking, really. i called my mom on the way home for some words of comfort... but it was still oh so depressing. it's crazy to think that i haven't spent a single dime at target for the past four months. and if you know me at all, you know i follow my biweekly target shopping schedule religiously. 
after i left, i reflected on all of the wonderful gifts we received. there were kind of a lot. i get a fuzzy little feeling in my heart when i think about how much other people contributed to support us and our wedding. i am so thankful for everyone we are blessed to have in our lives!
i thought it would be fun to showcase some of the great things we purchased with all of our gift cards.  

FIRST off, meet our new best friend. seriously. i'm not lying when i say that scotty and i have grown to love rob. rob is the product of a week of fighting over which type of vacuum to buy. i wanted a dyson. at the time, we had a lot of gift card money. i knew we wouldn't have an opportunity to guiltlessly buy a really expensive vacuum again for a long time, so i wanted to buy something with amazing reviews and something i knew would last forever. DYSON. that was the only thing on my mind. 

UNTIL, scotty fell in love with this robotic roomba vacuum. that's right- no hands necessary. i was skeptical, but i gave in and we got it. i was sure it wouldn't work as well as a dyson, and i assumed it would miss parts of the rooms. 

 honestly... i love it. no regrets at all. it works perfectly, it picks up everything, and it even senses when a spot is especially dirty and stays on it for a longer period of time.  scotty was right :)

another funny thing scotty had a very strong opinion on was the salt and pepper shakers.
... i know. random, right? i told him i didn't care, and a few minutes later he walked up to me in williams sonoma with these $50 "shakers" haha.

you push down on the top, and the salt shoots out of the bottom.
... because turning a normal salt shaker upside down is just too hard.

scotty is obsessed with them. i'm worried that we have an increase in our salt and pepper intakes because our shakers are too much fun.

don't worry, scotty wasn't the only one making executive decisions.

i wanted some jars to put flour, sugar, and rice in. i fell in love with these babies at WS. i think they are so pretty!

also notice my favorite tablecloth.

i'm cheating. this next item isn't something we bought with a giftcard... but it is too good to not share. say hello to our WS panini maker!

every.single.day we use this thing. it's amazing. from grilled cheeses, to hamburgers, and grilled chicken breasts, this baby grill is our life saver.

one last thing... have i been living under a rock for 20 years? this little cup is SO MUCH EASIER to pour into than a normal measuring spoon hahaha.

it's the little things in life.

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  1. I want wedding gifts again!! There are so many cool things now!